Thai Dating

10 Tips for Meeting Your Thai Soulmate

Thai women are smart, funny, witty, and very elegant thanks to their genetics, culture, and personality. Thai women are typically of a thin build, with dark long (or short) hair, have exquisite taste in style, and just look sexy naturally. They don’t wear tons of makeup, and they are relatively conservative when it comes to how they dress – barring you’re looking in the right places.

Many men love Thai women because they have class, no matter their financial backgrounds, are close with their family, and love to meet new people. They also know how to go out and have a good time, no matter the place and are always up for a new adventure.

And because Thai women are so beautiful and unique, foreigner men often travel to Thailand to find the woman of their dreams, or simply to just make friends and have a good time.

Let’s review 10 great tips for maximizing your dating and relationship experience should you decide to pursue a Thai woman, visit Thailand, or perhaps even be thinking about ‘tying the knot’ with your current girlfriend.

1. First up, if it’s your first time dating a Thai woman it’s important that you recognize the value of showing up on time. Just keep in mind, showing up too early can put unwanted pressure on your Thai date.

Remember, beauty doesn’t come easy, and these women take great pride in their appearance and are very serious about hygiene – so you should be too (see next tip).

Thai girlfriend and her partner


2. In general, Asian culture is relatively dedicated to personal hygiene, especially in comparison to most western countries. This is interesting, though, as many Asian countries are full of pollution, or unsanitary habits with things such as littering, pollution, and the likes.

Never the less, they take it seriously, and all the way down to shaving your beard, to clipping and maintaining well cared for nails these are all things that Thai women pay attention to.

After all, they are likely to assume that if you cannot tend to basic hygiene, then what business or potential do you have in taking care of her, or even one day a family?

3. If you’re serious about having the best experience possible in befriending, dating, or even one day marrying a Thai woman then it’s worthwhile to invest some time in researching Thai culture.

Something as simple as attempting to touch her head, even jokingly, can be seriously offensive. Also, any gestures or efforts to touch her with your feet can also be perceived as a serious insult, and it’s not done here – so no “footsies”!

4. As far as cultural awareness and respect go, only talk about that which you know. If you do not know something feel free to ask, but steer clear of politics, questioning about the royal family, or any odd moves at going on a tangent and “lecturing” your Thai date or girlfriend about your own native country’s politics, complaints, and woes. It’s not impressive, it makes for a sour date, and more than likely will be the cause of her moving on to someone else.

5. Once in Thailand, as you meet and date new people, try to be careful about jokes or teasing. While it can all be in good fun, saying or doing the wrong thing – or too soon – can lead to your date ending shorter than expected, or even cause your Thai woman to lose interest in you.

6. Keep in mind that in Thailand it’s normal for couples to keep their physical affection limited to their home or privacy, minimizing public displays of affection. So while holding hands, hugging, or a kiss on the cheek or quick kiss on the lips is acceptable, doing more than this can make both your Thai woman and those around you uncomfortable.

It can also be embarrassing for your Thai date, and tarnish her reputation – so don’t do it. Thais are very big on reputation and have small communities. You’d be surprised at how such a big place could be so “small”, and how nearly everyone knows the other through someone or another.

7. Thai women are timid, humble, and often shy. This means that being aggressive or intimidating them can be fatal to your relationship and any chances you have with your Thai woman in the future. Take your time, be respectful, and mindful to any social cues she gives you.

Thai women do not like to say “No”, as they avoid confrontation, and because they are so compassionate do not like to hurt peoples feelings. Therefore, if your Thai woman hasn’t replied back or messaged you in a while, or called you, then chances are it’s time to move on.

8. Rather than take your Thai date to somewhere cliché like the movies or a fancy restaurant, try something more original like “food hopping”. While throughout Asia women are known to enjoy “bar hopping” in some places, food-hopping is more or less eating a little bit, perhaps one entre or less, at multiple restaurants throughout the night.

This can include both foods you know, or want to try – and foods that she’s expressed interest in. This can also be an opportunity for you to share “western style” food with her, and immerse yourself into a local, typical Thai restaurant so that there’s equal balance between your taste buds.

9. Try to really get to know your Thai girlfriend. Believe it or not, in most major cities there aren’t necessarily a shortage of foreigners, or at least visiting ones. What this means is, skip over the cheesy pickup lines and make a real effort to get to know the real her while showing her the real you.

Give your relationship time, commitment, and feel free to talk about your plans for the future. Most important, be clear about your intent, what you want out of a relationship, or even what you look for in a woman – and encourage her to reciprocate common interests in the conversation if possible.

date a Thai girl

10. Last but not least, and this is a pretty interesting one, try to pick up on the “classes” of Thai women, and understand how they often use skin tone to differentiate or identify what “class” they are from, as far as working, education, or family background goes.

This doesn’t mean to be discriminatory or even encourage it for that matter. Just keep in mind that it’s more than likely that a “light skin” Thai will likely have more prospective boyfriends, including foreigners, so whether or not you have a preference, take note to and understand why it may be that you’re attracting “darker” Thai women.

Ultimately, you should, of course, base your desirability of a Thai or any woman for that matter on her personality, and whether she wants the same things out of a relationship – and of course whether you can love and make each other happy.

Also, remember that ‘the best things are worth waiting for’, and as cliché as it sounds it’s very accurate – when it comes to dating Thai women.

Traditionally, they make a habit of saving sex for after marriage, or at a minimum at least after the two of you fall in love. And while each Thai woman you meet is bound to be different, some are bound to be (inner-city) more open-minded than others in some cases.