Thai Dating

10 Reasons To Marry A Thai Woman

hot-thai-womanThailand is one of the most attractive Asian country which is known for many things, such as the culture, the tasty  food, temples, affordable shopping, wonderful beaches, and of course, the beautiful thai girls.

There are uncountable reasons for wanting to marry a thai girl. Besides the obvious reasons of wanting to share your life with someone beautiful, there are a number of other benefits to tying the knot with a thai girl. Here are 10 reasons to marry a thai woman.

1. Thai Women Don’t Complain

Western women complain often. Thai women don’t. In fact, a western woman will always look for reasons to get angry with you. For instance, if you do not reply to her messages or come home late, a western woman will get mad at you.

However, thai women are different. It is not easy to get a thai woman who gets mad at something as small as walking on the carpet in dirty shoes. Surprisingly, these women will readily forgive, so you can always be sure that you will remain her best friend irrespective of what you do to her.

2. They Allow You to Make Decisions in the Marriage

Thai women rarely disapprove the plans of their husbands. They are the submissive type of women that every man would love to have. While western women are resentful, thai women are not. She allows you to make the decision on everything that affects both of you. She not only allows you to suggest the plan, but also ways of accomplishing it.

beautiful-thai-girl3. Thai Women Are Beautiful

Thai girls are more attractive than an average western girl. Though it depends with individual preferences, thai women are better in grooming than western women. They know how to apply and match the makeup with the entire dressing attire to look beautiful. Their smile is irresistible. It will always attract you.

4. They Make Better Housewives

Thai women know their responsibility in the house as wives. In this modern world, it is becoming difficult to find a western woman who has a passion in cooking. However, if you are lucky to get one, she expects you to help in making the bed, doing the laundry or sweeping the floor. Thai women know the extent of their work in the house, and they are great cooks.

5. Thai Women Have Inner Beauty

Thai women are very optimistic in life. Besides the pretty smile, these women do not think much about a problem they may be experiencing. In fact, they have a common character of not worrying too much. Alternatively, they try to use every unpleasant situation for their benefit. From outside, they always look happy and seem to enjoy life. On the contrary, western women would want you to make them feel good all the time.

6. Thai Women Have a Good Body Shape

sexy-thai-womanThai women manage to keep their body shape as attractive as possible. Unlike western women, they rarely go for exercises or enroll for fitness and diet programs, but their shapes remain intact. However, when western women stop going for gyms and other fitness programs, their bodies grow fat. In addition, studies show that countries from western regions have the highest number of fat women.

7. Thai Women Value Marriages

Marriage in Thailand is highly valued. As a result, the traditions of these people do not allow a woman to be unfaithful to her husband. The society expects her to be devoted to him. So, if you marry a thai woman, she will remain faithful to you.

8. Financial Risk after Divorce

When you divorce with a western woman, the entire property, assets and wealth is divided equally between the two of you. However, marrying a thai woman eliminates this risk because thai women are not entitled to share your personal wealth after divorce. Thailand law allows thai women to share the property that was accrued while in marriage.

healthy-thai-girl9. Thai Women Are Naturally Healthy

Thailand is located near the equator. This allows plenty of sun exposure on the land. As a result, thai women get enough exposure to sun without overdoing it, leading to a healthy skin. Their skin is more nourished compared to that of western women.

These points prove why thai women are irresistible and interesting to live with. They are really appealing as they have a mixture of great qualities related to what they like and how they act. Give her attention, and you will enjoy your marriage.

10. You Will Get a Visa to Thailand

If you marry a thai woman, you will be entitled to a visa that allows you to live with your family in Thailand. Living in Thailand is adventurous, and the permit to live in this land is like getting a ticket to paradise. So, one of the easiest way of getting access to Thailand is marrying a thai woman.